Nail Art

I have always admired art, painting, colors, culture, fashion, beauty and anything that is related. As a result, I decided to try art when doing my nails. Doing my own nails is not only fun and entertaining, but is also a way to share my personality with the world, for people to get to know me a little better. Whether I am inspired, or I have a special ocassion coming up, or I have a lot of free time, nail art is a wonderful way to express my personality and of course have pretty nails. I must say, I am not a professional when it comes to doing my own nails, I just do it because I really enjoy doing it.

Art is an universal language. I love nail art because I am able to express my feelings, ideas, thoughts with my designs and I love to share it with others. Nail art has become my favorite hobby and I wish I could have more time to do it more often. I have a huge collection of nail polish, as well as tools to make this process easier, such as dotting tools, glitter, some acrylic polish and  rhinestones. Patience is a plus when doing nail art, if you are not patient enough, I promise you will not get a good result. The best thing about nail art is that it does not have to come out perfect, as long as you like it and you feel good about your hard work, others will admire it as well.

I am always searching for the latest nail polish trends and collections whether online or by going to stores. I love bright colors, glitter, matte, and everything that is nail-polish related, it’s just a part of me. I love testing new products especially nail polish and sharing my ideas and opinions about them with others. Sometimes I spend hours searching for videos in youtube and photos in Pinterest to get ideas on pretty nail art designs. I will feature below some of the nail art designs I have done within the last couple of months and I hope everyone enjoys them!

Watermelon toes and nails!


Very cute nail art for toes. Perfect for Spring and Summer


I totally love this nail art for toes and nails


Classic and elegant nail art


Here featuring Pure Ice nail polishes after hours and it’s complicated that I received complimentary from Influenster in the Viva Voxbox for testing purposes. Love this combination


Perfect for Valentines Day


Cute and colorful polkadots nail art design


One of my favorites


Pink and girly


Gray and white polka dots and flower


Zebra nails


Whether you do it for fun, or if you are a professional, nail art is the perfect final touch for any manicure and pedicure. These nail art designs are definitely not perfect, but I had a blast creating them which is what matters the most to me. Once you try nail art, you will never go back to having plain nails!

Xo πŸ’‹


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