Revive VoxBox

Once again I was super lucky to be selected to receive another Influenster voxbox the “Revive Voxbox.” This voxbox was packed with flavor, proteins and good hair days๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ’

Two products that I received on this voxbox are the SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo & Crรจme Rinse. Let me start by saying that the smell of these products is to die for. Since I have fine thin hair, I was able to use the samples I received for two hair washes. This shampoo and creme rinse are absolutely amazing. My hair has never felt so smooth, sleek and manageable. I have oily hair and I’m super picky with the hair products that I use. However, I am highly impressed on how good this shampoo and creme rinse work after only using them twice. Another huge benefit is that they are all natural, no harsh chemicals, yay! If you try this product, your hair will thank you!

Another product I received is the Snackwell’s Biscuit thins in French Vanilla Latte flavor. This little biscuits are super flavorful, they are made with real coffee which is a must have for a coffee lover like myself. I had them in the morning and since they have coffee as their main ingredient they gave me lots of energy to continue with my day. They are the perfect snack to enjoy at anytime whether on the go when running errands or at work just like I enjoyed them. I shared them with my co-worker and she loved them too. We are definitely going to get more to have them as snacks for the office where we are always hungry ๐Ÿ˜‚.

I also received three protein shakes and a super cute shaker bottle courtesy of the Vitamin Shoppe. The shaker bottle is high quality and shakes smoothies like a dream without any spills. The three shakes flavors I received are: Cookies n’ cream, Strawberries n’ cream, and Vanilla. From the three of them, my favorites were cookies and cream and strawberries and cream. They had the perfect sweetness and consistency. My least favorite was the Vanilla flavor. It had a weird artificial taste which I did not like. I used these shakes as a way to replace my breakfast and I felt full and energized until lunch time. Getting essential proteins is critical to stay fit and healthy. These shakes are super easy to prepare, only add water and your shake powder and shake, shake, shake and you are ready to enjoy your tasty and healthy treat ๐Ÿ˜‹

Last but not least. I also received three single serve coffee pods: Chock full oโ€™ Nutsยฎ coffee pod, Hills Brosยฎ coffee pod, and Kauai Coffeeโ€™s single-serve coffee pod. I am Cuban, and most Cubans I know are huge coffee lovers. I tried all three and loved all of them. I like my coffee black with only 1-2 tea spoons of sugar. My favorite of all three is the Kauai coffee, it has the perfect flavor, not too light and not too strong, just perfect. I also love that all three single serve coffee pods are eco-friendly. Taking good care of the environment should be a priority!

In conclusion, I loved the opportunity to test these great products courtesy of Influenster. If you are not a member of Influenster and would like the opportunity to receive free products in exchange for your honest opinion, then join today by clicking on the link below:

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, and all opinions are my own.

XoXo ๐Ÿ’‹


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