Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean and Bermuda!

If there is one thing I seriously love is traveling and when I say traveling I have to mention that I love cruises. As of today, I have taken a total of 4 cruises with Carnival Cruise Lines together with my fiance which has allowed us to become Gold member with them. I would love to share my experience during the last cruise I took back in May of this year.

On May 26, 2016 we took an amazing 9 days cruise to celebrate our 9th anniversary and also as a way to enjoy our Spring Break. The destinations we visited were: Bermuda (for the 1st time), Dominican Republic (for the 1st time), and Grand Turk (for the 3rd time).

Our ship:

We were on board the Carnival Splendor. This ship is amazing and offers lots of entertaintment for people of all ages.

Our Amazing Destinations:


The main reason we chose this cruise was because of Bermuda. We had heard amazing things about this beautiful island and when we saw that Bermuda was included as one of the destinations on this cruise, we immediately knew this was the perfect cruise. During our time in Bermuda which was two full days (being docked overnight) we had the opportunity to do a tour that covered the entire island and that gave us the opportunity to admire all the beauty that surrounds Bermuda. Besides the island tour, we also went to Horseshoe Bay beach, which is not only the most beautiful and most popular beach in Bermuda, but is also one of the top beaches in the world due to its beauty.Β 

Dominican Republic:

Another reason we booked this cruise was because of Dominican Republic. We are both originally from Cuba and if there is one culture similar to our own culture that is the Dominican culture. During our time visiting this amazing island, we were able to do an island tour, eat traditional Dominican food, enjoy tropical ice cream and even taste traditional Dominican rum. We had a total blast and we are definitely going back very soon.

Grand Turk:
It was our third time in Grand Turk so we are pretty much experts when it comes to this little beautiful island. As usual we toured the island, enjoyed the beach and took some great photos. This little island is only approximately 7 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. A very small place that tourist like us love to visit to enjoy amazing white sand beaches.

Carnival Cruise Lines:

We simply love Carnival. This company goes above and beyond to ensure we always have an amazing time. During this cruise we celebrated our 9th year anniversary and Carnival made sure we had something memorable to take home and to enjoy during our cruise.

Fun and food aboard:

A very cool perk of being a frequent cruiser with Carnival is accruing rewards through their VIFP program. VIFP stands for Very Important Fun Person. Since we are already gold members, we get a free drink coupon to be redeemed on the last night of the cruise. How cool is that? And how amazing Carnival drinks are, especially the Chocolate Mocha Gateaway that we got!

Our travel journey does not stop here, we already have our next cruise booked which is only 39 days away, yay! Let the countdown begin. This time we are booked on the beautiful dream class ship Carnival Magic, it will be our first time on this ship. I am currently on the shopping/packing stage. So, stay tuned because I will be sharing all about this trip as soon as I get back. Have you ever been on a cruise or would love to go on a cruise?



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