Clarins Blush Prodigue Illuminating Cheek Colour Review + Swatches

Happy New Year my beauties! I hope you all are having a fabulous start of the new year and are already working on accomplishing your goals and resolutions. So, for my first post of 2017, I wanted to share a review of a beautiful addition to my makeup collection that I received a few weeks ago. It is the Clarins Blush Prodigue Illuminating Cheek Colour in the shade Miami Pink. This gorgeous blush was sent to me as a gift from the lovely Cynira. She is such a sweetheart and has an amazing blog that you guys should check out atย

So now, on with the review:

What is it?

This is a mineral and plant-based powder blush. It has a mosaic design which is divided into smaller and larger rectangles that contain two pretty shades. The largest one and the one in the upper left corner contains the illuminating shade (the lighter shade), while the two darker shades located in the top right corner and the bottom left corner, are the colour pigments (the darker shades).

Clarins Blush

Clarins Blush Prodigue Illuminating Cheek Colour in the shade Miami Pink

These blushes are available in six colors:

01 Lovely Rose,ย 02 Soft Peach,ย 03 Miami Pink, 04 Sunset Coral, 05 Rose Wood and 06 Spicy Mocha. I love when a blush offers such variety of colors, bravo Clarins!!!

The shade Miami Pink comes with a matte rose (dark shade) and an iridescent petal pink (lighter shade).

The Packaging:ย 

This blush comes in a red velvet pouch and has a golden square packaging that is very chic and elegant looking. I absolutely love the gorgeous packaging. Red and gold is such an amazing combination that is always appealing to me.

A small brush comes included with this blush, which I have not used because I prefer a regular blush brush. But I always like the option of having a small brush that I can use when I’m on the go. The brush does sheds a few bristles, but what I like is that it fits perfectly into the small rectangles of the darker colors within the palette.

Clarins Blush
Clarins Blush

The Formula:ย 

The formula of this blush is very fine and applies smoothly into the cheeks. The darker shade is nicely pigmented, but the lighter shade is not as pigmented, but I like having the option of applying more product to build up the color. The blush lasts the whole day without looking patchy or uneven. And I love that there are a few ways you can wear this blush, justย by using your creativity.


These photos were taken without ย flash soย you can see their true color:

Clarins Blush
Clarins Blush

How I like to wear this blush:ย 

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve and I wore this blush. I applied the matte rose (dark shade) to the apple of my cheeks and I then I applied theย iridescent petal pink (lighter shade) as a highlighter for aย subtle, healthy-looking glow. I also added another highlighter on top for a more intense highlighting look.

Other ways to wear this blush is by wearing the matte shade alone which is very pigmented and a little goes a long way at giving you a beautiful rose color to your cheeks. In addition, if you are wanting a more intense or customized look, you canย try swirling your brush around all four sections to create a gorgeous dimensional look ( I have not tried this last option, but will try for sure in the future).

Clarins BlushPrice and Size:ย 

You get 7.5 grams of product and it costs $32.00.ย I believe this blush can be found at Macys.

Overall thoughts:ย 

Overall, this is a very nice blush with good pigmentation, blendability, color selection, and gorgeous packaging. I would not consider the lighter shade a real highlighter because the illumination effect is very subtle and minimal. I will always top it off with a more intense highlighter for a gorgeous final look. The brush that comes with it its okay, but not the greatest, I would just stick with a regular blush brush to distribute and blend the color and to give you better overall result. However, the brush does comes handy when you are on the go and also it does fit perfectly into the different sections of the palette. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of this blush and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a high quality and beautiful blush that is not as expensive as other similar blushes. I absolutely love this blush and I’m so happy to have it.

Has anyone tried this blush? Is this a blush you would try? I would to know your thoughts on it :-)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and all your love and support. It means a lot to me. Again Happy New Year. I wish you all a healthy and beautiful 2017!!!

Until next time loves,

*Received product as a gift. Thoughts are my own*

Xo ๐Ÿ’‹


35 thoughts on “Clarins Blush Prodigue Illuminating Cheek Colour Review + Swatches

  1. Cat L says:

    Lily, this is such a beautiful blush and you did such a great job reviewing it! I love that it offers light and dark shades, it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Air Blush blushes. I love the packaging as well as the emboss. I havenโ€™t seen this one in stores, but I need to check Macyโ€™s per your suggestion. Thank you for such a detailed and thorough review!

    ~ Cat L.

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