Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum Review

If you have sensitive skin like me, you probably struggle to find good and effective skincare products that work for your skin. At least I do struggle big time while attempting to find products that will at least not irritate my extremely sensitive skin. With that being said,ย finding a product that actually works and that my skin loves is a total dream come true for me.

Since the past few weeks, I have been using Purlisse’s Blue Lotus Brightening Serumย and I felt the need to share a review just in case you have sensitive skin and you are looking for a new serum to incorporate to your skincare routine.

What is it?
This is a face serum which is enhanced with 9 powerful plant extracts: (product description taken from purlisse.com).

  • Blue Lotus extract: which ย is a powerhouse antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits known to combat against free radical damage.
  • Lupine Peptides: which promotes a luminous complexion.
  • Vitamin C & Alpha Arbutin: which brightens & evens skin tone
  • Neem and Prune extracts: which fades away hyper~pigmentation & sun damage.
  • Avocado Oil & natural Squalene: which nurtures sensitive skin
  • This product is not tested on animals nor any other Purlisse’s products.

Who can use it?ย 

This serum is for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, which is my skin type. I love the fact that it actually says “sensitive” on the actual bottle, which made me feel even more confident about using it. I have combination and extremely sensitive skin with mild redness and some large pores on my cheeks. In addition, there are days when my skin feels dull and lifeless mainly due to stress, and that is one of the most unpleasant feelings I have ever experienced. During the winter, my face gets extremely dry and flaky, and this is a perfect example of a dull and lifeless moment.

The Packaging

This serum comes in a pretty white bottle which is adorned with blue lotus flowers to give it a chic touch. It also has a very easy to use and user friendly pump which delivers the right amount of product. I absolutely hate messy pumps that over deliver product making you waste it. With this pump, you can easily control how much product you want to use. Sometimes I just use half a pump by not pushing it all the way in because a little goes a long way with this product.

In addition, the bottle lists the product’s main benefits right in front of it which is a huge advantage. Sometimes with other products, I have to check the brand’s website because the benefits are not listed in the actual bottle. Having the benefits listed in the bottle is very convenient and not only saves me time but also makes me more confident about using the product.

The Formula

As for the formula, it has a thicker consistency than any other serum I have tried. The consistency is more of a lightweight moisturizer which is new to me. All serums I have previously tried have had a liquid and watery consistency. The formula of this product feels luxurious to the touch and when applied to the skin. It applies very smooth and feels gentle. It does have a clean and fresh scent which is not empowering and should not bother you.

My personal benefits while using this product

Theย Blue Lotus Brightening Serumย is the very first product I get to try from Purlisse and I am very pleased with it so far. As I mentioned before, my skin has been getting extremely dry and flaky during this winter, therefore, powering up on skincare products that have nourishing and hydrating properties is a must. I was happy to find out that this serum contains Avocado Oil & natural Squalene which nurtures and helps sensitive skin stay hydrated.

I have been using it at night right after I cleanse and tone. This product in combination with other products are keeping my skin flaky free. I used to wakeup the next day with my face feeling extremely dry and flaky which I absolutely hated. Since a few weeks ago ever since using this product, my skin has been feeling less dry, more hydrated, more balanced, and with an overall luminosity. I feel like my skin is naturally producing more oil on its own to help upset the extreme dryness that comes with the cold months. When using this product I may use the whole pump or half a pump, depending on how my skin feels at that specific time.

In addition to keeping my face amazingly hydrated, the Blue Lotus Brightening Serum has also been helping to temporarily calm the face redness I sometimes experience which gets worst during the winter. It contains Blue Lotus extract which is a powerhouse antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits known to combat against free radical damage. This product did not irritate my skin at all, feels gentle and soothing right after application.

Price, Size & Availability

Theย Blue Lotus Brightening Serumย retails for $76.00 and you get 1 oz/30ml of product. The only disadvantage I find with this product is the price. However, Purlisse also offers a subscription option called ReCharge in which you can subscribe to automatically reflenish your favorite products and you can choose how often you would like to receive them. By signing up to this subscription service you can save money on all of their products. The Blue Lotus Brightening Serum which normally retails for $76.00, will be $68.40 (a 10% savings) when signing up to use the ReCharge subscription service. This is definitely something to think about if you happen to become a fan of this product and just because who doesn’t like to save money?

This product can be purchased at Purlisse’s website and the company ships internationally. For more information on shipping rates and to check outย all other products, please visit purlisse.com.

Overall, my skin is loving the Purlisse’s Blue Lotus Brightening Serumย and I plan to continue incorporating it as part of my night time skincare routine. When using this product, I do recommend you to use it based on your skin needs and how much product you think you need for each application to obtain optimal results.

Lastly, I highly admire companies who such as Purlisse take the approach to develop products for all skin types including sensitive. This truly shows how commited they are on helping every individual with no exceptions achieve a healthy skin.

I hope you found this post helpful just in case you happen to need a new face serum. It’s always great to have options!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.

Xo ๐Ÿ’‹

*I received this product free through a giveaway with no obligation to review. Links on this post are unaffiliated + thoughts are my own*

14 thoughts on “Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum Review

  1. Sandy M. says:

    This serum sounds amazing! I also have sentitive skin and I will definitely check it out at purlisse.com. Great and informative post ๐Ÿ˜˜


  2. Amanda T. says:

    This serum seems like a total must have. I do wish the price was lower but the subscription option seems awesome. I love to save money!! Thanks so much for sharing all the details about this product. It was very helpful :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • ๐ŸŒธ Lily ๐ŸŒธ says:

      Thank you so much reading Amanda :) I agree the subscription service is a great option to save money, specially if you become a fan of Purlisse products and start to use them regularly. Glad you found the post helpful. Have a great day ๐Ÿ˜˜


  3. Cat L says:

    Lily, I want to start by saying that you look gorgeous. You take good care of your skin and it shows! Absolutely flawless! Now on to the serum: I haven’t tried anything from this brand, but after reading your review I’m very tempted to get this serum. Serums usually tend to come with a heftier price tag, but a little goes a long way and they are the most potent product of the routine. So often times, when they work per the claims made, they are worth the price. Great review and beautiful photos!

    ~ Cat L.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ๐ŸŒธ Lily ๐ŸŒธ says:

      Hi Cat, thanks so much for stopping by. Your comment means a lot!!! I completely agree, serums are definitely a must have on everyone’s skincare routine. I am so happy I had the chance to try this one, I’m sure that you will love it if you get the chance to give it a try. So glad you liked the post, I absolutely love your blog and always look forward to reading all your new and beautiful posts!


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